After years of riding and racing motorcycles, our bodies were starting to show serious signs of breaking down from the continual pounding. You ride too, so you know what we are saying. We knew there had to be a better way. We started studying different technologies and trying to develop what had not before been imagined: A set of handlebars that worked for the rider and reduced the impacts. Twisted Engineering was born with this first prototype handlebar created over 8 years ago. Since that day, we have worked tirelessly through the technological challenges and financial hurdles to get to this point. What we are presenting with the Composi-FLEX handlebar is the pinnacle of composite engineering technology brought to the offroad motorcycle market to allow you to ride harder, longer and safer.
Twisted Engineering will continue to imagine, innovate and bring to market technologically advanced products that redefine and raise the standard. We will improve safety, performance and change your expectations of what is possible.
We are a group of professionals that are driven to conceive, engineer and manufacture the most advanced products in the industry. We are combining proprietary aerospace technologies with real racing experience to develop a product line that will advance the off-road motorcycle industry. All products are manufactured with pride in the USA.
Our market research has clearly confirmed what common sense had suggested: reducing rider fatigue allows a racer to have a significant performance advantage over the other competition.

The facts are simple: The ground is hard. Handlebars are rigid. And we donít stay young forever.

No matter how hard you train, no matter how strong you are, motorcycles beat up your body and cause irrepairable damage. Something has to give before your body gives up.
The trend toward lighter motorcycles and cleaner four stroke engines has created the demand for a vibration dampening, light weight handlebar and accompanying assemblies.

Twisted Engineering is the first to introduce composite handlebars specifically for the off-road motorcycle enthusiast. We use only top-quality materials and the best CNC equipment in the industry to produce truly unique products to outperform and dominate the competition.

The competitive advantages over conventional aluminum or steel handlebars include lighter weight, reduced vibration to the rider and a very aesthetically pleasing design. We all know less weight means better performance from your bike. From our bikes directly to yours, only the best will do.

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