"I've done some more testing with your bars and they are just superior to anything I've tried."


I bought your bar and I can't believe what it does for me. I was reading a lot about it but could hardly imagine how good this thing works! I'm so impressed, thank you for developing that crazy bar! You cured my wrist problems.


"I want you to know that these bars are, by far, the BEST investment I've ever made on any bike! They have truly saved me from a lot of pain with my wrists. I was actually going to run softer springs in my forks, but when I put these bars on, the front felt plush enough that I kept the stiffer springs in. WOW! I can't thank you enough for what you have here! I show these bars to EVERYONE I meet at the tracks.I am writing to you again because I just bought another bike yesterday and it will NEED another Windham 3X..."


I absolutely love my handlebars from twisted engineering.  I ride the woods and got the level 3 bars.  I was experiencing major wrist pain after each ride before I purchased your bars.  Now, my wrist does not hurt at all after a ride or race.  I could not be any happier. 


Love the bars!


The handlebars are great. Love the flex.


Having owned Flexx bars i can say that the Twisted bars flex in a more dynamic motion than what the Flexx bars allow. The weight of the twisted bars with the full hand guard set up is much lighter and that plays a big part in handling of the bike, especially after throwing it through the tight woods all day.

Fitment and installation was as easy as could be and the twisted hand guards installed easily and aligned very well with no pinching, binding or bending of the guards themselves.

Build quality is top notch! Not only do they look superb but they are strong as hell, i have crash tested them a few times and they have held up to impacts that have bent lesser quality bars.

I'm happy to report that after two enduros, I have not experienced any numbness during or after the events as I have in the past. Another good thing is that I do not notice or feel distracted by the flex, your bars are accomplishing what was advertised and I'm pleased with the performance.

I just raced the Twisted Engineering Composi-flex bars at the Moonshine Enduro in PA this Sunday and they were excellent!

I still would like to spread the word on these awesome bars. Please let me know how I can help.

New Jersey
"I have put 53 hrs on my KTM equipped with your Twisted Engineering Composi-FLEX Premiere Handlebar and Bark Guard Package in the last 100 days. I've also ridden a few other bikes, that are not equipped with Composi-FLEX bars, back-to-back with mine over the same period and mine feels plusher, smoother and more comfortable than any of them. The damping effect of the Composi-FLEX bars makes the difference that none of these other bikes could match through seat foam or suspension settings. I really like that the Composi-FLEX bars don't have a noticeable or disconcerting sense of movement when they flex (even the most flexible 3X model that I chose) but rather just a luxurious plushness. My troublesome shoulders complain only under the most extended and vigorous rides, and the nagging, days-long post-ride pain is gone.
For the first time in my riding life, I don't feel so beat up after a great day of riding that I am hesitant to ride the next day due to pain in my shoulders or a general feeling of fatigue and soreness."

The Twisted Engineering handlebar is awesome! The quality was equal to that of big name manufacturers and the flex function was perfect! It was able to absorb sharp hits without any shock transfer to my arms and I was able to ride hard without a hint of arm pump on a 6 hour enduro ride. It also took a good amount of the 2 stroke 300cc engine vibration away from my hands which made the bike feel much smoother and prevented fatigue in my hands and arms. I wish I had this bar years ago!


"I rode in a Pony express yesterday. 18/19k loop and about 40 minute lap times. Didn't even think about it until I got home. I haven't ridden much in the past few years and not at all in the past 4 months. I did NOT get ANY arm pump yesterday AT ALL.

I know firsthand how good your bars are but I can't even believe that.

Doesn't look it in the Videos but the track was really rough.

As an older bloke (43) I can't thank you enough for these bars. After yesterday you've gone straingt to the top of my favorite after market parts list."




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