Composi-Flex® III Handlebar

Composi-Flex® III composite handlebars are similar to the previous generation but are 115g or 1/4 pound lighter than the Composi-Flex® II design and are engineered to be even tougher for more crash damage protection.

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Twisted Engineering Composi-Flex® III handlebar line, which features:

- New & Improved Twisted Core (Patents Pending)
- Virtually impossible to break off
- No change to flex characteristics
- Industry first composite design
- Flex is not limited to just one direction
- Flexes when you need it, not when you don't
- Available in three ranges (2X, 3X and 4X is most flexible)
- Absorbs impact, shock and vibration
- Reduces arm pump and upper body fatigue
- Allows you to ride harder and longer
- No cross bars, No metal, No pain
- No weight penalty, 115g or 1/4 pound lighter than Composi-Flex II